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The premier builders of the finest Insulated Vertical Reverse Flow Smokers.

Building smokers that will exceed your expectations.

Our cookers are designed to hold rock solid temperatures for the duration of any size cook you can throw at it. Our cookers are pretty much set up for the “Set it and forget” styles cooks, meaning once you get to the temperature you desire you can go about the rest of your day or night without adding fuel to the fire to maintain temperature.

Our Smokers


The Que-Meister is the perfect cooker for the serious backyard BBQ Warrior. The Que-Meister is ideal for a small cook for two people and is more than capable of cooking for a large family gathering.The Que-Meister comes with three 22″ wide x 15″ deep racks for 990 square inches of cooking surface and a cooking chamber of 5,940 cubic inches.

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The Que-Deville is an extremely versatile cooker and is the ultimate cooker for the backyard BBQ Warrior and BBQ aficionado. The Que-Deville comes with three 22”wide x 23” deep racks giving you 1,518 square inches of cooking surface. The Que-Deville’s cooking chamber measures 10,120 cubic inches.

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The Continental

The Continental is a serious BBQ smoker for the serious BBQ enthusiast. The Continental is sized to facilitate cooks of all sizes and serves well for those that cook competitively at BBQ competitions. The Continental comes with six 22” wide x 18” deep racks for a total of 2,376 square inches of cooking surface. The Continental’s cooking chamber measures 12,672 square inches.

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The Competitor is our bestselling cooker. The Competitor is ideal for Restaurateurs, Caterers, the serious BBQ competitor and the quintessential backyard BBQ Pro looking for the best bang for the buck. The Competitor comes with six 22” wide x 23” deep racks giving you 3,036 square inches of cooking surface. The Competitor’s cooking chamber measures 16,192 cubic inches in volume.

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Boss Hog

The Boss Hog is suited for restaurateurs and caterers looking for increased capacity and higher volume cooking capacities. The Boss Hog boasts seven 22” wide x 36” deep cooking racks for a total of 5,544 square inches of cooking surface and the cooking chamber measures 33,264 cubic inches.

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Whole Hog

The Whole Hog is specifically designed for the restaurateur and caterer who prefers wider racks for ease of access on large volume cooks. The Whole Hog features a double door cooking chamber with seven 36” wide x 24” deep racks for a total of 6,048 square inches of cooking surface. The cooking chamber of the Whole Hog measures 35.424 cubic inches.

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Comes Standard

We don’t believe that you should have to upgrade your smoker to be able to fully use it. So our standard features are on many others upgrade list.

Quality Construction

Other smoker companies will tell you that there smokers are NOT designed to be air tight, not so at Cascade Smokers. Smokers should only have smoke exiting from the chimney.

Creative Design

You dream it, we can build it. Every build will be to our exacting standards.

Fuel Efficiency

Our smokers are extremely fuel efficient consuming less than a pound of fuel (charcoal and wood Chunks) an hour at 250 degrees.

Standard Features

Insulated with 2" heat rated fireproof material.

The walls and doors of your new smoker are all lined with 2″ heat rated and fireproof insulation giving the cooker superior heat retention and holds temperatures like no other BBQ/Smoker.

Solid 1/4" heat diverter plate.

With a quarter inch plate steel separating your fire from the cooking chamber you already have adequate dispersion of the heat; our smokers don’t require a water pan to assist.

Stainless Basting Tray.

The basting tray is included. Keeps the fire door and gasket clean (and mostlikely your patio). Our basting tray is bolt on, making it easy to remove for cleaning.

No flat casters for easy moving with grease zerk fittings.

Worried about the weight of you new beast and want it to roll over every crack and pebble as if it wasn’t there. The standard six inch casters will do the job, but these are available if you want them.

5000 lb D-Ring Anchors for tie downs.

Smokers can be heavy, our smokers come with durable tie down points that are all secured to structual elements in the smoker.

Heavy duty side handles.

Whether you use them for pulling around your smoker or to hang your tools; these handles are built to last.

Anti-tip rack slides.

When the door to your smoker is open the clock is ticking. You want to get the meat managed and to doors closed again. To assist with this every shelf has anti-tip to leave you hands free for cook management.

Removable drip pan in cooking chamber for easy cleaning.

Every smoker comes with a removable drip pan for the bottom of the smoker. This allows you to catch the drippings and keep them off harder to clean structual elements. Line the tray with foil and clean will be a snap.

Four walls of sheet metal.

We use four walls of sheet metal, unlike the three used by our competitors.

Slide out stainless steel water pan.

If you prefer to use a water pan, a stainless steel pan is included with every cooker.

Slide out charcoal/wood basket with removable t-mazes and integrated ash pan.

Our heavy-duty charcoal basket is built to last. Every basket includes removable t-mazes for long cooks as well as an integrated ash pan.

2" ball valves for precise combustion air control.

Our smokers come with 2″ ball valves for precise combustion air control. Each valve is also ready for a temperature control fan such as the BBQ Guru

Durable powder coat finish and are available in a variety of colors.

Our smokers come with a beautiful powder coat finish available in a variety of colors to represent your brand.

All racks facilitate the use of full size hotel pans.

All of the racks in our smokers facilitate the use of full size hotel pans. This is great for keeping the inside of your smoker clean from drippings and just makes your cooks easier and more organized.


Ask about our available upgrades when inquiring about a smoker.  Here are just a few of the options we offer:

  • Stainless Steel Folding Shelves
  • Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Racks
  • Stainless Steel Round Bar Racks
  • Stainless Steel Drip Guard
  • Internal Grease Drain with Ball Valve
  • Custom Carts For The Que-Miester and The Que DeVille
  • Weld on “D” ring to attach a winch cable to for winch assist loading on trailer ramps.
  • Door Mount Thermometer
  • Butcher Paper Roll Holder Mounted to Smoker
  • Bottle Cap Opener and Catch Can
  • Additional Stainless Steel Handle
  • Sausage Hanging Racks
  • Custom Colors, Sport Theme Colors Etc.
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