The Mechanics

Our smokers are designed to use charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal as the primary source of fuel for heat. Small wood chunks are added to the fuel (typically a pound or so) for enhanced wood flavor. With our design we feel our cookers will rival any straight wood burning conventional smoker without the hassle of tending the fire of a straight wood burning conventional smoker. With our cookers it doesn’t take much wood to glean authentic wood BBQ flavor saving you the cost and hassle of procuring large amounts of wood and the hassle of storing it.

Our cookers will run for hours regardless of ambient air temperatures without the need to add fuel or wood chunks during the cook. In fact, once you get the cooker to your desired temperature you’re free to go about your business; as there is no need to tend the fire or add fuel no matter the size of cook. Typically, our cookers will consume less than a pound of fuel per hour at 250 degrees depending on load.

Our cookers are designed to be used with or without a water pan. Some customers prefer to cook without water and you can do so without the fear of runaway temperatures. If you like to cook with water no problem.

With our airflow design you’ll find our cookers will provide even heat distribution from top to bottom of the cooking chamber. You can create different heat zones in the cook chamber by simply manipulating the exhaust stack damper. You will also discover our cookers maintain temperatures like no other.

The solid diverter plate we employ in our cooker completely isolates the cooking chamber and its contents from the fire. The heat and smoke travel up the concealed steel chambers in the two side walls and the rear wall from the firebox below. The smoke and heat then enters the top of the cooking chamber, then the heat and smoke are drawn down through the racks to the bottom of the cooking chamber. The smoke exits the exhaust stack opening located at the bottom of the cooking chamber and exits the smoker in the concealed chimney and out the top of the smoker.

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